Young Couples Prefer Less Expensive Non-Traditional Weddings

Couples who are searching for a wedding venue outdoors can opt for marquee hire in Melbourne that provides the opportunity for an all inclusive and in one-spot activity. The couple can get married in church and celebrate the romantic event over drinks and canapés inside a fully functional marquee. The other half of the marquee can be turned into a sit-down dinner complete with a band and dancing floor.

Couples today have become wiser when it comes to spending for their wedding. Instead of following traditional weddings, they opt for unusual settings. Couples who are young at heart decide on weddings that define who they are like getting married in a meadow or on a roller coaster. The theme can be modern or magical as long as it is not mundane.

When William and Tracy Smith invested on Ridgewood Winery, Robeson Township, about 4 years ago, they believed that the location was perfect for destination weddings as well as berries and grapes. The venue is small, vintage, charming and something that couples will love. Charming and unique are the characteristics couples look for when deciding on their wedding venue.

The oldest part of the farmhouse was built in 1725. It is now registered with the National Register for Historic Places. The building’s ambiance is homey and welcoming. Everything in the building is original making it attractive for history buffs.

The farmhouse is perfect for intimate weddings. Tents and marquees can be erected in the backyard to accommodate 200 guests. Receptions can be held in an off-site barn owned by a partner of the Smith’s. The barn closely matches with the stone farmhouse making it an ideal venue for non-traditional weddings. The winery with all the growing vines is the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs including pre-nuptials. Everything is completely customizable from seating, menu, dance floor and bar.

For a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding, a couple can have their dream wedding with the assistance of marquee hire in Melbourne that will share their expertise and vast resources. You will never have to deal with sub-standard furniture and decorations because strict quality control ensures that all products are in their best condition.