Windows 10 And HoloLens Introduced By Windows

Last Wednesday, Microsoft introduced its latest version of Windows and a 3D gadget called HoloLens.

HoloLens is a headset that users can wear in order to view as well as interact with 3D images. In the same event, Microsoft also revealed the new features of the latest version of its operating software.

The latest version, Windows 10, is said to focus on how to adapt with the way consumers are using their computers nowadays. The operating software will give the users the ease to use different gadgets such as personal computers and tablets and switch to other gadgets like smartphones, gaming consoles and even holographic projectors.

Windows 10 is said to make it possible for a single app to work the same way across different devices. Not only that, Microsoft also developed a Web browser for Windows 10 which will be integrated with the company’s intelligent personal assistant, Cortana. Cortana is a voice-activated app that works the same way as Siri. Microsoft has developed Cortana to be able to perform other functions such as answering questions and performing commands made by users. Cortana may be used in desktop, laptop computers and mobile devices.

Microsoft revealed that the software update will be released to the public late this year. Users with computers or gadgets that are currently running the previous versions, Windows 7 and 8.1, will be able to download the Windows 10 as a free upgrade.

The company is hoping that Windows 10 will be able to redeem the company which was quite shaken with the boom in mobile computing. Windows is the most used operating software when it comes to desktop and laptop computers but the company suffered when users preferred to use smartphones and tablets. Microsoft tried to adapt with the trend by introducing a touch-screen feature in their last update which is the Windows 8 but many users complained of the feature and find it hard to navigate.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s gamble on winning the audience by designing it around the user’s need. It is designed for people who are now used to using more than one gadget. It will provide ease in transferring from one gadget to another.

Microsoft has skipped the supposed to be next version which is the Windows 9. The skip is the company’s way of saying that Windows 8 is far more different than Windows 10.