Window Tint And Warranty

Plants may need direct sunlight in order to live but this is not the case with human. When the rays of the sun are hitting your windows at home with such intensity that your air conditioning system has to work overtime then it is not a good thing.

If homeowners desire, there are a number of options they can try to make their windows more energy efficient including hanging window treatments that can block the sun rays, putting film over the window and installing replacement windows with low-E glass.

According to the president of Clear Choice Windows and More located in Largo, Florida, Jim Hardy, on his own opinion the best option to consider is the low-E glass. He added that there are many cases wherein the warranty of the window’s manufacturer will go void if tint is used to cover regular windows.

Kevin Koval who is working for Solaris located in Carmel, Indiana said that homeowners will not lose the warranty of their windows if they pick a dealer that has a window film warranty which will replace the existing warranty of the window manufacturer.

Koval added that warranty provided by the window manufacturer is not the same. Majority of them will get void if window film is added on the windows. There are manufacturers of window film that offers warranty matching those that the window manufacturer provides.

How effective is low E-glass? It can be measured in two different ways – the U-factor which is the resistance of the window when it comes to heat loss and the gain coefficient of the solar heat which is determined by how well the window is able to block the direct heat.

To pick the most energy efficient, the numbers of both factors should be a maximum of 0.30 to make sure that it will be effective.

Hardy explained that the lower the numbers on the two factors, the more it has the ability of blocking heat.

If you are thinking of putting window tint then it is better to choose the ones with warranty that will override your existing window warranty in order to avoid unnecessary costs when it comes to glass replacement Werribee.