Why Choose A Great Similan Island Live aboard Service?

You should book with a Similan Island liveaboard as they can offer the best service in the area. Here’s why you should choose them:

They are independent of any boat. It can’t be said by any agents or certainly not with boat owners. They practically work for you as the customer. Hence, they recommend the best boat that can give you the best liveaboard experience.

They are there for you. In the unfortunate event when you encounter problems onboard a Similan Island liveaboard, the owners and staff are there to support you all the way. Feel free to contact them anytime or feel the need to visit their office. Be aware of those guys on Facebook who falsely rent you these services.

Most of the liveaboard services are bonded and insured with the Tourism Authority of Thailand so they can assure or guarantee your safety anywhere you will be in the Andaman Sea. They have proper documentations to support the services.

It’s really easy to communicate with liveaboard services in Thailand. The staff and crew somehow know how to speak various languages such as Thai, English, Italian, German, Spanish and French.

There are also more options to take. Many divers try to contact boat owners of Similan liveaboards as they already know what to book. The servicing crew can provide you a list of available boats including prices, exclusions and inclusions. They highly recommend the right service. Once you are ready for bookings, they will offer you the right schedules that suit your preference. Reservations are done free of charge.

They promise the best prices for such services. They don’t charge fees for payments done through PayPal or credit cards. Furthermore, they can provide you additional special offers to make the liveaboard services worthwhile and exciting.

They can also provide discounts for loyal customers. There are those guests that keep coming back for our services. Hence, we offer discounts for those who have returned for our services.

They can also offer multiple booking discounts. If you book for more than one trip, they can discount the whole package price. If you chose to go for some day trips or other tours like the Similan Island liveaboard, there will be more discounts offered.