Where A Hotel Near BTS Nana Can Take You In Bangkok

Bangkok is an unusual yet marvellous tourist destination, which is frequented by tourists from all around the world. People will always have good reasons to come to Thailand. One is the gastronomic experience they get from Bangkok’s endless array of international and traditional restaurants and food shops. There’s also great shopping from the city’s downtown modern malls. One can also view the amazing temples and rich cultural heritage of the city. All these experiences will require you a stay in a hotel near BTS Nana for a convenient accommodation.

You need to stay in a hotel close to the Skytrain to have an enjoyable experience in Bangkok. The Bangkok Train Station (BTS) is an elevated electric train running around the most important business areas of the city. If you know how to use the BTS, you’re certain to enjoy and have fun in this city. You’ll be avoiding traffic jams, which can get you stuck for hours in traffic. You’ll also have a safe ride to and from the hotel near BTS Nana as you won’t be victims of transportation scams.

If you take the Skytrain, you will just take a few minute walk from your hotel to get there. You can try remembering the streets of your hotel as all signs found in the BTS are written in English. There are also English written instructions to take you to places you want to go like tourist attractions and the city’s huge malls. If you try commuting here, you can reach your destination faster and you save more money as fare is budget friendly.

Access Bangkok’s main attraction so easily by taking the Siam BTS station. Here you’ll find the prominent malls like Siam Square, Siam Discovery and the MBK Centre at this station. You’ll be passing this station quite often if you plan to shift from Silom to Sukhumvit lines. There are also small restaurants to dine and taste local Thai cuisines.

If you live in a hotel near the BTS Nana, you’ll find it easy to get to the Nana Plaza and other hidden gems you find at this station. It’s famous for bars, clubs and restaurants that can make your night out excellent. You can also board the train at the Saphan Taksin station so you can go to the Chao Phraya River. Here you’ll find the city’s most famous temples, which is worth a visit.