What Statistics Say About Marketing Your Business Online

The world market is a competitive ground for entrepreneurs and the marketing strategy employed by a certain business group will make or break its future success.

With the advent of high end technologies like the computer and the internet, people in the business world take advantage of these platforms to improve the profitability of their company.

What do worldwide statistics have to say regarding the power of online presence?

Statistics of Search Engine Optimization

According to survey, about 61% of internet users worldwide search for products online. Approximately 86% of these internet users commended that the use of search engines in finding a desired product helped them understand what the product is all about. It also gave them additional inputs about the product. Research suggests that 50% of online searches are hopeful that they could find a product in their local market. Out of this number, 61% usually make the purchase.

If the content of an article promoting your product in the internet has at least 2,000 words, it is expected to be in the top 10 rank during search engine researches.

Social Media Statistics

Forty-two percent of marketers around the globe agree that a business’ presence in Facebook plays a significant role to its success. The trend of online retailers today is to create a Facebook page for their shop. If you are a fan of My Little Pony, you would be delighted to know that their products like the My Little Pony pajamas, My Little Pony clothes and My Little Pony hoodies are retailed online. The company has also made their presence reachable to the market in that they can be accessed through Facebook. The number of marketers admitting the importance of social media in business growth grew by 75%.

Consequently, more than 50% of market strategists make use of the social media as a tool in promoting their products at least 6 hours every week.

To underscore the importance of being online, it should be noted that Google attracted a staggering number of 20 million users during the first three weeks of its launching.

As kids, teenagers, professionals and adults are getting adept with the use of computers and technology, businesses that are visible and searchable online rake in more profits.