Wedding Photographer Captures Candid Moments Before Ceremony

One of the most important parts of a wedding, aside from hiring a wedding planner in Sydney, is choosing the best photographer for the big day. They will be taking wedding pictures which will serve as a reminder of the beautiful moment forever.

Typical wedding photographers only feature important highlights of the day such as the ceremony where the bride is walking to the altar, the couple, the wedding party and the must-have photos after the ceremony.

A new approach was introduced by Jennifer Allison, a photographer in Sydney and owner of Next Chapter Photography, as she photographs a wedding with a documentary method which starts from the beginning of the day until it actually ends.

According to her, this method is more effective in taking raw and candid moments. She aims to bring to the front row of her lenses the people and the stories behind each moment. She does not want to focus on her and her style in photography but rather on sharing the story of the people she photograph with.

This is what she employed during the wedding of a couple, Emma and Cameron, as they chose a destination wedding with their location in Mackay, Queensland. They invited friend from all over Australia as well as from England.

During the preparation for the big day, she was able to capture a lot of candid photographs. It helps that the couple is on the room next to the wedding party. She was able to go back and forth and take countless intimate and funny scenes.

She was able to take photos of the bride’s brother as he drinks beer along with the groomsmen. The bridesmaids were also enjoying their share of beers during the wedding preparation.

She took photos of the adorable faces of the children, including the bride’s daughter, as they saw the bride in her gown.

Jennifer has been in the business for five years and she realized that these moments are just as important because they capture raw and real emotions.

Couples who don’t know a good photographer should contact their wedding planner in Sydney because they have connections within their network that can help choosing a little bit easier.