Used Cheap Tyres In Brisbane Dumped In A Cattle Station

Queensland government discovered around 15,000 used tyres discarded on a place near the Great Barrier Reef, which will be torn into tiny pieces and transformed into biofuel. These are cheap tyres in Brisbane that have been left neglected.

The government purchased Springvale Station, a cattle station north of Cairns for $7-million, without recognizing that it also held an enormous tyre stockpile.

It has now expended around $135,000 for the tyres to be recycled by Tyrecycle in Ipswich.

Steven Miles, the Environment Minister, said it’s another sample of scoundrel operator storing tyres instead of burning them responsibly.

“Should the tyre stockpiles catch fire, it can turn out a real problem to the community,” he said.

“It will be hopeless to put out and extremely dangerous to the environment.”

The Environment Department won’t take necessary action to the former owners of the station, but warns those who did the same and will undergo investigation. They need to be extra careful in keeping cheap tyres in Brisbane or they can be in trouble with the law.

Tougher Rules Established

Mr. Miles reproached a rise of scoundrel operators on the past Liberal National Party government, which junked tyre storage ordinances.

Mr. Miles stated that Labor was still working with the industry to create new ordinances for tyre operators.

However, that might not be adequate for the Labor’s minority status in the Queensland Parliament.

“We will be requiring the cross-benchers to be persuaded to support these laws,” he said.

“I’m working on the presumption that LNP will oppose them, in contrary to the damages they did in the government.”

If such discussions won’t work, Mr. Miles said Labor will create new ordinances to win the majority of the state election.

Tyres Will Be Shipped to Asia

According to Jim Fairweather, the chief executive of Tyrecycle, the tyres in Sprinvale Station will be torn into tiny pieces, packed and sent to Asia where they can be transformed into fuel.

“You’re actually deflecting the waste from landfill, you’re minimizing the utilization of fossil fuels, and the simplest ways to use it is to burn hotter yet cleaner than coal,” he said.

Mr. Fairweather said the industry needs proper regulation, with many lawful businesses being hit by scoundrel operators.

There has to be a way to keep used cheap tyres in Brisbane to protect the Great Barrier Reef.