UCB Teams Up With Partners To Create Digital Health Solutions For Patients With Epilepsy

Partners Connected Health which is an affiliate of Partners Healthcare is currently in partnership with UCB, an international company that specializes in biopharmaceutical. The two firms are not the first to develop IT solutions for healthcare industry but they are focusing on patients suffering from epilepsy and how to make their everyday lives better.

They are hoping that these digital health solutions will make their lives better than before. As of writing, there are about 3 million people in America that are suffering from epilepsy but many of their needs have not been addressed by the government or organizations are taking charge. The main goal of the collaboration is to create a digital system that will connect the patients to their healthcare providers as well as to the payers. When the system is compete and running, patient experience will improve considerably and the companies believe that there will be better outcomes with regards to treatment.

According to Partners Connected Health’s senior director of innovation, Kamal Jethwani who is an MD, there is an opportunity for them to meet the needs of the patients right now and with this they will be able to develop digital health solutions that focuses on the patient, will be based on evidence and will provide insights to people with epilepsy and how they could choose a healthier path.

He added that the collaboration will showcase the international level of expertise the people at UCB have when it comes to knowing all about epilepsy. They will be working hand in hand with the design team at Partners that is known for their unique focus as well as their experience when it come to creating something ensuring that the users will be the centre. They will also be give direct access to the wide network of Partners HealthCare along with their caregiver, patients and providers.

Jethwani said that the company is proud to say that they are confident in delivering IT solutions for healthcare industry and this particular solution will be focusing in improving the quality of life of people with epilepsy.