The Process Of Obtaining A Tax ID In Michigan

An EIN or Tax ID is a unique nine digit number issued by the IRS. It helps in the process of identification of business for tax purposes. An EIN number helps in the identification of businesses, in the same way as the social security number helps to identify individuals.

Obtaining a Tax ID or EIN is one of the primary tasks for setting up a business. But most of the new entrepreneurs are not informed about how to get a Tax ID in Michigan. They can apply for the EIN directly from the IRS or engage the service of consultants, who help them to complete the process.

There are three ways to obtain a tax ID. It can be done through fax, mail or by using the online application form on the IRS website. Applying for an EIN through fax takes up to four days and applying through mail is very time consuming as it takes four weeks to get the number. The most easy and fastest way to get EIN is through online application. You will receive an EIN as soon as you fill up the application and submit the required information.  The EIN number can be downloaded and printed after issuance. The process is simple and free of cost.

However, you have to keep certain information handy while filling up the application form for EIN. You have to submit the social security numbers or the ITIN numbers of all the members of the business. Business members, who are citizens of the US, can submit their social security numbers and foreign nationals have to submit their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). If you are still unsure about how to get a Tax ID in Michigan, approach an experienced consultant to get it done for you.

Other details required for filling up of EIN application are the legal name of the business, The physical address of the business, mailing address where you will be able to receive the communication, name of the responsible party who will take care of the funds of the business and valid email ID and telephone numbers. Keep all the information handy when you are filling the application form, as any incorrect information will delay the process. Consult a reputed consultant, who can guide you on how to get a Tax ID in Michigan, if you want to complete the process faster without any glitches.