The Latest Type Of Suspension System For Vehicles

During the 1955 Paris Motor Show, the Citroen DS was launched to the public and it immediately became a sensation. Aside from the elegant lines, the main reason why 12,000 customers decided to purchase the car is because of its mechanical innovations. The top feature is the hydropneumatic suspension which is self-leveling while the usual vehicles are only using steel springs for their suspension systems. When taken on a road trip at the most challenging roads of France, the vehicle looked like it was gliding because of the dampening action caused by the suspension every time a bump is hit.

Nowadays, France has very good roads therefore the test drivers of new vehicles are searching for the most challenging roads to try out new cars. Vehicle engineers are looking for roads with pot holes, choppy surfaces and many humps.

Shakeel Avadhany, recently launched a development base which is located at the MIRA Technology Park. This is the only research centre for automotives found in the English Midlands. Mr. Avadhany is the head of ClearMotion which is a firm based in America. The same firm is the reason why there is a new suspension system developed that will help cars navigate roads as if riding a magic carpet.

In 2015, the automotive industry said farewell to the hydropneumatics because newer and better technology have been developed. The goal now of Mr. Avadhany is to supersede these new technologies by creating a superior one.

ClearMotion was established in 2008 together with Mr. Avadhany’s colleagues but their original plan was to harness electricity from bumps found on the road. In the end, they realized that they can create a better suspension technology instead and the concept presented a better business opportunity than the former.

The latest suspension system they are developing will put to shame other suspension systems because it will make use of modern technology. With their system, the wheels will be able to maneuver over dips and bumps through the help of motion sensors installed on modern vehicles. Cloud technology will also play a role in the process in order to achieve their goal and to be able to present it to the industry in the near future.