The Labor Of Love That Goes Into Every Persian Carpet

For centuries, the handmade rugs made from Iran are coveted by people from all over the world. Persian rugs have been produced along the nomad trail on the ancient city of Shiraz. The tough thread used for carpet making was derived from sheep that grazed the high mountain pasture and shorn their fur once a year. However, this type of high quality production of handmade carpets can no longer be sustained on the migration route of the nomads.

According to Hamid Zollanvari, one of Iran’s biggest carpet manufacturer and retailer, the carpet they produce is 100% organic without any machines involved in the process. However, their factory is being threatened by Western sanctions on carpet making and stiff competition from mass produced carpets in China and India. The challenges are damaging but not totally destructive.

What is killing the Persian carpet right now is modernity and people’s indifference to quality. Even after the sanctions on carpet making have been lifted, fewer people are now buying Persian carpets because they prefer quick satisfaction and simplicity which is the complete opposite of Iran’s pride and joy.

The process of manufacturing Persian carpets is one of the most labor intensive and complex handicrafts in the world. The process starts from the 1.6 million sheep that provide the tough long fibers ideal for carpets. Women make thread from wool by hand by twisting it with their fingers. The finished thread is bundled and dyed using natural ingredients. After the threads are dried by the wind that is blown from the north, weaving starts.

Weavers most of them women spend months to a year working on a loom, stringing and knotting thousands of threads. There are established patterns but many are unique and original. The process is time consuming, a labor of love. Afterwards, the 6 by 9-foot carpet is sold in Shiraz for $400.

After all the time and efforts involved in producing a carpet, it deserves the right type of maintenance. Do not hesitate to call Perth carpet cleaning to ensure that the carpet is retains its unique beauty. Don’t be tempted to clean a carpet on your own if you do not have the skills and experience for the job.