The Importance Of Commercial Cleaning For The Workplace

What are the items in your office where the most number of germs can be found? According to Mark Searcy of Coverall North America, Inc. faucet handles in the break room and kitchen are the germiest. Why? Because germs thrive in moist and warm environments making the faucet handles the hot beds for yeast, moulds and bacteria. Because of contact with food, you pass along some germs when the tap is turned opened or closed.

Sponges and dish rags are 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat while 50% of coffee reservoirs in coffee makers are contaminated with coliform bacteria. Sinks in the kitchens and bathrooms are often badly neglected. Employees fail to disinfect the sink with Lysol or Clorox that is why germs overpopulate. Even countertops are not safe from coliform bacteria because of the splashes coming from food preparation.

According to Dr. Gerba, a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, another germ hotspot is the desk. Employee hands touch dirty door knobs, elevator buttons and public transportation before entering the workplace and touching the work desk. To stop the cycle of movement of germs, wash the hands before entering the office. It is also important to wipe the work desk regularly with disinfectant as often as possible.

One item in the workplace that is most frequently touched is the computer keyboard. Sometimes, the keyboard has to be turned over to shake the debris and then wiped with disinfectant every morning. A veritable germ buffer is the mobile phone that you carry every day. You hold the mobile phone with the same hands that touch your face, mouth and eyes. Made-for-phone wipes can be used to clean the phone so that colds will not be spread through the hands.

Cleaning the workplace is a job best left to Commercial Cleaners in Gold Coast that uses a professional approach to clean and disinfect everything. The company will be able to generate a good image when visitors smell the freshness and cleanliness of the workplace environment. Cleaning can also be customized according to your requirements through a professional staff that will take extra care with the office furniture and equipment.