The Critical Role Of Packing Boxes For Online Retailers

Corrugated cardboard packing boxes are indispensable items for online retailers that sell products to different towns, cities, or states. Technology has made it easy to purchase packing boxes online without wasting too much time and efforts. The order will be processed on the day of your order so that it can be delivered immediately at your doorstep.

The dramatic growth of ecommerce made packaging boxes more important than ever. Entrepreneurs make the effort to determine what appeals to their target audience so that it can enhance their brand. For many online vendors, the box is their first physical interaction with their customers. The process of un-boxing must provide a meaningful experience as shown in some mesmerizing YouTube videos.

The box has become an important part of the new generation of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer brands. Realizing the need for branded packaging in today’s marketplace, Lumi, an innovative packaging service, has started to produce custom-made printed boxes, packing tapes and invoice slips for online orders. Lumi helps ecommerce companies in producing custom packaging by prioritizing simplicity into something that is complex.

According to Lumi co-founder Jesse Genet, the market needs branded packaging to make each order important for the customer. Genet and Stephan Ango, another co-founder, spent four years and a half to launch custom packaging. Instead of communicating with individual suppliers, Lumi has managed to centralize the process with individual shippers. Since each item has its specifications, Lumi determines the best factory for each job based on cost, quality and lead time.

To date, Lumi has shipped 25 million packages by geo-locating production as near as possible to the client’s distribution centre. However, Lumi is competing with many big players that belong to the US Paper and Packaging Board. To enhance the brand, Lumi has unfolded a campaign in 2015 with relatable characters to play important roles in a paper and packaging play.

If you are an online retailer, there are packing boxes online that are made from recycled cardboard. Aside from being more affordable, the recycled packing boxes are more environmentally friendly because they reduce the need to cut down more trees in the forests as well as fossil fuel to produce new products.