The Costs Of Hiring Trades People In Sydney

Homeowners these days tend to renovate or upgrade their property before selling in order to increase its resale value therefore they are saving as much as they could. The problem in Sydney is that the rates of skilled workers are not the same in all suburbs. For instance, Strata painters in Sydney are charging different rates based on their location.

If the properties of a certain investor are located in North Shore, Eastern Suburbs or Inner City, they are more likely to be charged 49 per cent higher compared to properties located in the west and the south. This data is based on the survey conducted by ServiceSeeking.

The survey result was gathered from 40,000 different quotes and it showed that trades people working in the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West are charging an average amount of $72.71 per hour including electricians, plumbers, painters and carpenters. In the case of electricians, the range of hourly rate varies between $61.24 and $72.71.

Homeowners based on the Shire can hire trades people and pay a minimum of $50.74 up to $57.88.

ServiceSeeking’s CEO, Jeremy Levitt, said that the different rates are due to the expensive areas of Sydney which also charges higher costs. Many people believed that these residents will be able to pay more since they are living in a premium location.

Aside from this fact, Levitt said that these areas are also the ones with the highest demands when it comes to renovation services. The overall data revealed that trades people based on the North and East are charging higher. Due to the increase in construction projects in Outer West, rates have also increased for a number of suburbs including Wetherill Park and Liverpool.

Levitt advised that renovators should consider a number of companies and compare their costs before deciding in order to avoid overpaying.

ServiceSeeking’s data showed that the most expensive Strata painters in Sydney can be found in the suburbs of Kingsgrove, Manly, Annandale, Waverley, Cronulla, Newport, Turramurra, Forestville and Gordon. The most expensive carpenters are in Eastwood, Bellevue Hill, Turramurra, Woollahra, Gordon, Paddington, Leichhardt, Randwick, Pyrmont and Coogee.