Thailand Travel Mart 2018 To Be Held In A Tent

The Thailand Travel Mart, the country’s annual travel show, will be bringing more tourists to stay in a 4 star resort Pattaya, as it has chosen the sandy city as its venue for 2018. However, this iteration of will be different from all the others that have come before, as it will be held not under the roof of a building, but under the cover of a giant outdoor tent for the first time in its history.

The event will be hosted not by a 4 star resort Pattaya, though it certainly won’t be far from one of those, but by the local Ocean Marina Yacht Club, which is somewhat unknown, at least in comparison to the other venues of the event.

This revelation shocked the local travel industry, partly due to the fact that, at the prior TTM 2017 in Chiang Mai, it was general consensus that the 2018 iteration of the event would be held at Pattaya’s PEACH, an international exhibition centre, noted to be one of the biggest on the eastern seaboard.

The Royal Cliff Hotel and Resort Group owns PEACH, and has a history of hosting notable travel industry events and exhibitions, such as the ASEAN Tourism Forum and the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s Pata Travel Mart, even one of the earlier iterations of the TTM, back in 2001.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand gave no statement on the venue, and only confirmed the relatively unknown location as its venue. Notably, however, the TAT does not yet have a floor plan for the TTM 2018, even though the TAT has already opened seller registration for the event. According to the TAT’s official website, the venue arrangement is still under development.

Even the Ocean Marina Yacht Club’s official website has no further information on the event, nor any information for whatever facilities and space it might have to host the event.

There are some rumours as to why the venue was chosen, though official statements from the TAT say that it’s part of Thailand’s new tourism strategy, moving the industry from the more common market to more niche options. Some are saying, however, that this is due to the government investing on infrastructure across the eastern seaboard.