Thailand Holiday Homes – Business As Usual In Thailand In Spite Of The Bombing

Even with the Bangkok bombing, business remained normal in Thailand. The Thais are not going through massive levels of trauma and there are no wide scale cancellations for reservations at Thailand Holiday Homes. Conferences and business meetings which are the lifeblood of the tourism industry have not been seriously impacted and most of the large events have pushed through. An international surgery conference which was held in Bangkok only had 100 cancellations of the 2,600 participants.

Thailand’s tourism industry has been dealt with a heavy blow due to the Bangkok bombing that killed 20 including 14 foreign tourists. It resulted in a 17% reduction in visitors. Daily tourist arrival at 85,000 was reduced to 70,000. However, as the worst-ever bombing scared tourists, life seemed to be normal in the streets of Bangkok.

Tourism was hit badly by the bombing because the Erawan shrine is one of the most popular tourist spots and it is located right in the heart of Bangkok’s commercial center. The question is whether Bangkok is safe considering that the key suspect for the bombing is still at large.

However, Thai officials are confident that the slump in tourist arrivals will be temporary amidst concerns that the recent bombing may cripple the economy that is largely dependent from tourism revenue. In a news conference, tourism and sports minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said that the impact will be short term and tourism will definitely pick up in the 4th quarter.

The Thai government is aiming for 28.8 million visitors and £40 billion (2.2 trillion baht) in tourism revenue for this year. Tourism is very crucial because of weak exports, manufacturing and consumer spending. The national planning agency has revised the forecast for annual economic growth to 2.7% – 3.2% this year but according to experts the figures are unrealistic because growth was only 0.4% last April – June from the previous quarter.

In spite of the reduction in daily visitor arrival between August 17 and 26, the country still welcomed 2.1 million visitors between August 1 to 23 which means that tourists cannot completely ignore the allure of golden beaches, exotic food and famed entertainment.