Tech Companies And Businesses Want DACA Program To Be Continued 

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Tech leaders and the Texas Association of Businesses are urging the US Congress to continue with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program; otherwise, they could lose more than 120,000 workers.  Austin, Texas is considered the hub for tech companies that include Apple, Facebook, Google and Dell. These are just a few of the companies that have major operations in Central Texas.

The leaders of the city are also urging Amazon to bring its second headquarters with 50,000 jobs. However, according to Vanessa Rodriguez, those who will be allowed to legally stay under the DACA program must pursue higher education or work. Most of the lawmakers of Texas support the DACA program but according to President Trump, he will not extend the DACA program without tougher security measures on the border like border walls.

With the DACA program, dreamers can contribute their talents and skills to the Texas workforce as well as other states in the US. Dreamers work in many different industries and in nearly every major company in the country to power the economy and strengthen the middle class through the economic contributions they bring.

According to Peter Boogaard, new chair of Texas Association of Business, their group echoes the sentiment of most businesses in Texas. Taxpayers have already made an investment on these workers so that they can contribute to the economy and society. Austin has several Fortune 500 companies that employ highly skilled and educated DACA recipients.

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