Team Building Organized By Alabaster Teen Council

The Alabaster Teen Council recently appointed new members in the group. In order to create a feeling of camaraderie among the members, the council decided to hold a team building exercise that is based on adventures. The event was held at the building of the Family Connection, Inc. as well as the Challenge Course on the 21st of April. According to Marty Handlon, the Mayor, the event was a good medium for each of the members to be able to interact with other members. This is the first time that they have bonded and a good way to start their year in the office.

Handlon added that this is just the start of their service. The team building offers a chance for bonding since every one of them are coming from various groups within the community. The members are not aware of the things they will be able to accomplish before they are faced with the exercises for the team building.

Handlon also shared that the teen council is a yearly participant of the team building exercises being organized since its creation four years ago. She admitted that she got the inspiration from a similar event that was organized by the Leadership Shelby County.

She said that her first experience was when she participated at the Leadership Shelby County and remembered that the team building exercises proved to have a lot of benefits for the adults. This is the main reason why she loved the concept of team building.

Kimbrlei McCain, the resident adolescent counsellor of Handlon and Family Connection, the exercises will be able to teach the members of the teen council regarding the importance of team work, communication as well as skills when it comes to problem solving.

McCain added that the exercise will push them to assess the abilities of one another, communicate among them and create a plan while trusting each member in using their individual strengths. Majority of the exercises can’t be accomplished by a single individual thus input from the members is needed. The team building workshops are good for the members because each of them is pushed out of their comfort zone.