Sydney Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo Makes A Splash

Sydney siders were treated to a show as Rosehill Gardens played host to the 2018 iteration of the Sydney Pool Spa & Outdoor Living Expo, which managed to draw a notable amount of people with interest in outdoor spa in Sydney, as well as other related pool and spa products.

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia was the organizer of the event, with its COO Spiros Dassakis saying that that 2017’s Expo saw the highest year-on-year increase, at 25%, 2018’s overall numbers were marginally lower in comparison. That being said, he noted that exhibitors in this year’s expo reported that the audience was far more into the event, noted better quality and participation.

Dassakis says that SPASA is happy with the event’s proceedings, with good turnout and encouraging results. He says that Sydneysiders don’t lack for outdoor spa in Sydney due to the NSW having more pool building than any other state in Australia, with the expo being there to connect consumers to find pool builders and spas for their needs, as well as do their research before purchasing. He adds that it is very encouraging for the industry to see so many people attend such an event.

Visitors to the event were also encouraged to bring with them the house plans and photos of their homes for their one-on-one consultations with exhibitors. Said exhibitor engaged in discussions with customers, with some even booking follow-up inspections of homes thanks to the expo. The sheer number and range of special offers at the show also led to a lot of orders taken by the exhibitors.

The show was sold out, with 93 exhibitors from the industry participating in the event, which is seen as a sign of how strong the NSW market was.

A new programme during this year’s expo was the Australian Institute of Landscape Design Managers (AILDM) walkthrough landscape design, which they displayed in the expo’s outdoor exhibit area.

The programme allowed visitors to the expo to interact with the products on display in a real life environment. According to the participating companies, it worked quite well, with more engagement with visitors thanks to the system.

Once again, the seminar sessions were the highlight of the expo, with many being so full as to have consumers standing.