Succulents In Melbourne Can Be Delivered On The Same Day

There are many retails wherein a Melbourne courier company can partner with but the journey of Little Succers can be news to many. Delivery service is now possible in almost all products including plants. It can be shipped through plane, ship or road vehicles. The times for delivery services are also much faster compared to several years ago. There is also an increase in demand for same-day deliveries and this is what the owners of Little Suckers took advantage of.

Laura Coggles together with Tara Shelton are the women behind the Litte Succers which is based in Sydney. A few weeks after they posted about the launch of the same day deliveries for the succulents ordered from them, they have gathered more than a thousand followers.

Starting this week, the Little Succers will be accommodating buyers who wish to have their plants delivered within a day as long as they are within Melbourne.

Coggles said that she considers herself to be a traditional millennial which means that if she can’t order a product online then it must not be in the market. The business came to her as an idea following the concepts of flowers delivered on the same day. She has been trying to find any single business that offers the same service and unfortunately she was not able to find one. The good news is that this is when their succulents business started.

Coggles shared that as they were planning to launch the business, a lot of people, majority of them from Melbourne, have already been inquiring about their start-up.

The branch in Melbourne will operate the same way as the one in Sydney. When a customer order prior to 11 am, they can expect the same day delivery before 6 pm. If they order after the cut off time, the orders will arrive the following business day. Their most famous product is the Little Succer but they also sell miniature cactuses known as Little Prick.

More and more business are capitalizing into the power of delivery service which is why Melbourne courier company should up the game in order to stay ahead of the competition.