Stringify Is Now On Android With IFTTT

If you are trying to find a medium before that can connect your smart appliances with services, Stringify might have come up as a solution. The only downside before is that it is limited to all iOS users. There’s good news because at the recent CES, an announcement was released by Stringify that will surely make Android users happy.

If you are one of those people who live under a rock and have never heard of Stringify before, here are a few background introductions. Stringify is like a more powerful version of IFTTT. There is no limit when it comes to linking trigger to an action. There is an option for the user to build a flow of action that may have services, conditions as well as successive triggers that result to action. If you use IFTTT, it would be impossible to create a flow. If you have a Wink integrated with IFTTT, it is time to replace it with Stringify because it will give Wink the capacity to become a trigger and not just implement actions. This is something that IFTTT can never do while being integrated with Wink. The only downside with Stringify is that despite the fact that it has many services and gadgets that is supported by the app, it does not have the number of partners that IFTTT currently have.

Now let’s move on to the recent announcement made by Stringify. The app has been made accessible to Android users in the form of an unreleased beta version. You have to be a member of the beta program before you can download the app via the Play Store. Do not expect a lot from a beta version.

Another announcement that was made by Stringify is that they are now integrated with IFTTT. This is good news in the home automation sector because these two have important features on their own that will work better working together rather than competing against each other. In order to integrate your Stringify with IFTTT, all you have to do is add IFTTT as a thing on the app and then you must activate the channel of Stringify on the IFTTT. What more is that Stringify announced that they have new partnerships made with Smapee, Sengled, Foobot and Twitch.