Street Vendor Regrets Being Awarded With Michelin Star

Many chefs are dreaming of receiving a Michelin star in their lifetime but this is not the case with a street vendor in Bangkok who received one. She admitted that she prefers her life before the award came to her and she expresses desire of wanting to give it back. People are flocking, some from business hotel in Sukhumvit, but Raan Jay Fai said that there are downsides as well.

During the launch of the Michelin dining guide in Bangkok, many are wondering if street food vendors will be chosen to have one. It did but to only one, Raan Jay Fai, who is now commonly called the crab omelette queen. The vendor admitted that being famous is not so great after all.

Her eatery is located in SoiSamranRat which is in the area of PhraNakhon in the capital. The place used to be unremarkable before the award but since she received the Michelin Star last month, her place is as noticeable as possible.

There is a long queue to be found in front of her eatery because many wants to try her food wraps. This could be good business but the chef said that she does not want the attention and she was not expecting it at all.

It caught the attention of any people including foodies, tourists as well as tax department officials despite the fact that she only has a very small space.

The 72 year old vendor said that her crab omelette gave her the fame she has now but she admits that she wanted to give it back. Not only is her place attracting crowds but she received daily annoyances as well.

Fai shared that many people are dropping by but not all of them are there to try her cooking but instead they only want to take pictures.

The popularity is also the reason why she has to receive reservations, something she does not have to do before. Because of demand from tourists and guests at business hotel in Sukhumvit, her daughter decided to quit from her job and help with the restaurant full time instead.