Spending An Accommodation At The Novotel Resort In Phuket

You don’t need to worry about accommodations in a major tourist spot wherever you may be, and Phuket is no exemption. You can have yourself booked in a resort while enjoying the major attractions of the island. In Phuket’s beaches, there can be affordable and expensive hotels scattered along the seashores. So you need to choose one like Novotel Resort in Phuket if your choice, budget and preference permits.

Luxury Hotels

If you want to splurge on luxurious accommodations, there are plenty to find in Phuket. The Novotel Resort in Phuket is a four-star hotel that offers the best services for their guests. You can surely experience an entire different feeling of putting up in one of these exotic four-star hotels in the villages. Hotels near the Patong Beach are famous for high-end luxurious offerings. The cheapest hotels near Patong Beach will cost you around $100 per night. You can also enjoy the local beauty and culture along with the luxuries of the hotel.

Hotels that are Cost Effective

Even if you are in a tight budget on your way to vacationing to Phuket, you don’t have to worry about your living and accommodation. In fact, there are many hotels a bit far away from the beach and near the Phuket villages where you can experience real culture and cuisine. You will want to stay in villages near the Patong, Chalong, Kata and Karon Beaches. You simply need to research and be prepared when you come to Phuket so you don’t have to waste much of your money. There are simply budget hotels that fit in to your needs and preferences.

Great Options for Hostels and Guest Houses

If you cannot afford Novotel Resort in Phuket, you can also try booking in hostels and guest houses in the area. There are plenty to choose from especially if you make choices near the villages. If you find one, you’ll be quite pleased about how they provide great accommodation at unbelievable rates. They can also provide you interesting water sports like diving and snorkelling. However, you need to scout carefully as they can’t be easily available.