Southern Land Cuisine Festival In Saigon: A Welcome News For 5-Star Hotels In Saigon

International culinary arts has been gaining ground and in fact, it’s one of the most active industries today owing to the continuous popping out of culinary schools in the world right now plus the growing interest especially from the millennials. In addition to this, graduates of culinary schools are often working at world class restaurants which can be, in a way, helpful in promoting the tourism of that city through cuisine. Believe it or not, food is among the important things that can make a tourist to return to a specific tourist destination. In Vietnam, the industry of local cuisine has been booming as of late and part of that success if the intensified promotion of the tourism industry. This year, the city of Saigon is scheduled to hold the popular Southern Land Cuisine Festival which will be held from May 24 to 28 of this year at the Dam Sen Park in Saigon City’s district 11. It’s expected to lure a huge amount of tourist arrivals because the same event was able to attract close 80,000 visitors in 2016 and that can definitely be a welcome development for the tourism industry especially for the great number of 5-star hotels in Saigon and in nearby cities.

During the said event, visitors will be able to taste a wide variety of authentic and popular street food in Saigon- both from the past and in present times. In fact, nearly a hundred kinds of puddings and cakes- typical desserts that are popular in the southern parts of Vietnam, will be prepared by the locals and will be served to the public, both local and foreign visitors. Aside from things for the sweet tooth, visitors will be able to learn how to make traditional dishes from the southern parts of Vietnam through a cooking demonstration, which will be conducted by Chef VoQuoc, the Vietnamese culinary ambassador who was widely recognized by the World Association of Chefs Society. This event will furthermore hype up the tourism industry in the city of Saigon and it will sure fill up the 5-star hotels in Saigon which are all more than ready to welcome come the festival dates.