Southeast Asia Can Be The Best Option For Holidaymakers Who Have Cancelled US Plans

Companies and officials in Southeast Asia can capitalize on the controversial travel restrictions issued by the new US president by targeting greater tourism and education opportunities with Muslims who are worried about the limitations.

The group CEO of Asia’s largest budget airline, AirAsia has suggested that Muslim-majority Malaysia and other member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) can cash in on Trump’s directive. Tony Fernandes tweeted that if the world is going to be isolationist, then ASEAN must make it easy for tourists to come to Southeast Asia.

Malaysia is a favourite destination for tourists from the Middle East with almost 200,000 arrivals in 2016 from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Qatar. Aside from holidaymakers, Malaysia is also a popular place for medical tourism and halal tourism particularly because most of the foods served in Malaysian restaurants are largely halal-certified.

According to a tourism official of another ASEAN member country, the US ban can improve the number of tourists visiting Thailand. According to Yuthasak Supasorn, governor of Thailand Tourism Authority when interviewed by Reuters, the Middle East is a big market for ASEAN tourism most especially in the sector of medical tourism. If the tourists choose to visit Thailand, it may also boost the sector.

When the US presented a ban to protect the country from Islamists militants, tens of thousands protested in the streets and foreign leaders have issued statements against the policy. Asians who are alarmed over the safety and security of buildings are reconsidering their US travel plans because there are many alternatives from countries that are not subject to any restrictions.

The main objective of tourists when they travel is leisure and peace of mind. It is highly possible for travel plans to the US to be cancelled because of the fears of harassment in the US airports.

Southeast Asia has always been popular destination to global travellers because of the favourable temperature and unique cuisine. To make your holiday more affordable, opt for hotel promotion in Bangkok that offers special discounts for early bookings. Along with excellent prices, hotels make the effort to add value to a guest’s experience.