Southeast Asia As The Perfect Location For Start-Ups

Almost everything has changed lately because of technology; however, embroidery supplies in Bangkok have retained its quality through the years. Embroidery only requires a needle, thread and the circle frame. The colours of the embroidery thread have been given a good boost to complement the growing textile market. Lastly, there are also digital embroidery machines that run through software.

Many start-ups are looking at Asia because they know that they are welcome. At the Taipei event “Battle of the Ecosystems” leaders from Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan spoke about the home markets and the potential roadblocks to start-ups. It is important for young entrepreneurs to understand how the start-up ecosystem works before making an investment.

AmaritCharoenphan, co-founder of Techsauce Media and HUBBA, one of the biggest co-working spaces in Thailand called the Southeast Asian Kingdom as the fun getaway to the burgeoning region. Thailand is attractive to start-ups in terms of marketing and ecommerce. Although there are ambiguities, a positive exchange of energy between partners and investors to build trust is highly possible.

Charoenphan further said that Southeast Asia is perfect for young entrepreneurs because of its lifestyle and affordability. If the start-up wants to expand, funding is available through corporate venture capital sector. Thailand is also making changes to make regulations for start-ups a little bit smoother.

Japan on the other hand offers an environment of technically skilled workers including a laboratory for blockchain-based technology. The domestic market is big enough so that start-ups need not look into other markets abroad. However, it will be a prudent move for entrepreneurs to learn the language if they want to survive in Japan.

Hong Kong is known for making business easier for start-ups. There are many business opportunities in financial technology and mini-storage. The location of Hong Kong makes it the perfect regional hub so that companies can reach to other Asian markets.

Southeast Asia is a popular market for fashion products and garments. Start-ups in the apparel industry have the option of embroidery supplies in Bangkok if they want to add some form of art into their products. It would be easier to offer the products to the global market when they have quality embroidery.