Signs That Alert Homeowners About The Presence Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the most dreaded pests. They enter your home by hitchhiking on your clothes or furniture and cause a major headache. Bed bugs feed on human blood and cause a lot of health problems. These tiny insects are hard to detect as they are experts at hiding and can survive for long time without food.

It is very important to carry a proper inspection by specialist pest control in Newcastle, to identify the problem and devise a treatment plan to eliminate them. However, there are some common signs to alert you about the presence of bed bugs in your home. Keep a close watch for these signs

  • The bites on your skin are usually the first signs to suspect a bed bug infestation. Many people confuse insect and mosquito bites to bed bugs and panic unnecessarily. However if you notice bite marks, watch out for other signs of bed bugs.
  • Check the mattresses thoroughly for stains and droppings left behind by the bugs. If you notice any tiny brown spots on the mattress, it a sure sign of the presence of bed bugs. Call a pest control in Newcastle expert and get a thorough inspection done.
  • Bed bugs leave behind their exoskeleton many times during the process of growth. Check the corners of mattress, headboard of bed and tiny cracks in carpet to find the discarded skin of these bugs.
  • The sure shot sign that confirms the presence of bed bugs is actually seeing them around your bed or wardrobe. The bugs are reddish brown and have a almond shape. Call an expert pest control in Newcastle, immediately if you see bed bugs in your home.

The best thing to do immediately after you notice a few signs that warn you about the presence of bed bugs is consulting a good pest control in Newcastle for early treatment. The early the treatment starts, the better the result. Homeowners can save a lot of time and money by early detection and control of bed bugs. While many homeowners use home remedies and store bought sprays to deal with the problem, they are not effective in eliminating the problem completely.