Should Regular Pest Control Be Made Mandatory For Food Establishments?

Should local governments make it mandatory for food establishment to have regular, preventive pest control programs? Pest management is very important because it helps maintain the hygienic reputation of a food establishment. These are experts like pest control services in Sydney that will apply proper solutions to potential pest problems.

The question whether pest control must be made mandatory in Park Ridge is being discussed by the City Council. Last January 22, Jim Brown, director of community preservation and development said that at least 80% of food establishments in Park Ridge have hired professional pest control services for preventive pest control. All of the city’s food chains are undertaking regular pest prevention measures.

The city does not require businesses to hire pest control companies; however, it is a required by the food code. If there are evidences of pests and rodents during inspection, food operators are required to correct the problem. The proposal for mandatory pest control is not in any way related to reported problems in the city. It was only brought up as a preventive measure.

On the other hand, Environmental Health Officer Tim Schwarz said it is very rare to receive complaints about rodents and pests activities although annual inspection reports have noted flies at some establishments. According to Schwarz, rodent problem is more serious in residential places than commercial establishments.

When inspectors see pest or rodent activity, it is immediately marked as a violation and the food operator is required to seek the services of a third party pest control provider. After two weeks the inspector will return to the food establishment to check their compliance. In recent years, some food establishments were ordered closed due to pest infestation. A new food code in Illinois puts more emphasis on violations that cause food-related illnesses.

It is important for owners of food establishments to ensure that their premises are pest free. Hiring pest control services in Sydney is not a guarantee that all pest activity will be cease if the business does not follow proper protocol on preventive measures. Pests and rodents pose serious threats to a business because they are health hazards and cause expensive damages to reputation.