SAT Tutor Anthony Green Makes $1000 For Every Hour Of Tutoring Elite Kids

Anthony Green is considered as the country’s best tutor. Unfortunately, his services don’t come cheap. Charging $1000 for every hour of a tutoring session, he will help students prepare for their SATs and ACTs.

The 26-year old New York native along with his company, Test Prep Authority, has been known to cater some of the richest kids in the country. Through the student’s practice exam or the PSAT, Green will help raise their scores for about 430 points on the SAT while promising to raise 7.8 points on the ACT. According to his website, the scores raised through their services are higher than any program, tutor or class in the U.S.

Anthony Green’s working schedule begins at about 7:30 in the morning and concluding at 5 or 6 pm. All throughout his tutoring sessions, he is situated on his kitchen table in front of his computer, tutoring students via Skype. In fact, all of his tutoring sessions are conducted online and his clients have never set foot in his household.

If you’re thinking how he could impart his knowledge to students through Skype, he says that it all depends on how the student is willing to learn. Green has his ways of knowing whether a student is interested in learning and if his clients show no sign of interest, he quickly drops them.

His career as an online tutor started just a year after he got his own tutor after bombing his PSATs. He started his own business and hired 50 employees who will serve as tutors. Green admitted that at first he only thought of hiring smart people but has since learned his lesson. He also admitted that he is not manager material.

In New York, Green is considered as a premier tutor for the SAT and ACT. Many students seek his services so that they could earn a high SAT or ACT score. Students and their parents are motivated by their desire to be accepted to high profile or Ivy League colleges.

Unfortunately, it seems as though only the kids of fortune 500 companies can afford his tutoring services.