Retail Shop Lifters Target High Value Items

The rate of retail crime has climbed to an astonishing 18% in the United Kingdom. The shoplifters make use of sophisticated tools to do the heist. They use bags lined with foils to avoid detection when walking out of the grocery or department store. Several bandits also use de-taggers to go outside the store unnoticed.

The police’s response

With the alarming rate of shoplifting in the retail industry, the police department has continuously made effort to remind store owners to employ security guards, floor agents and make use of the CCTV camera. The trust of people in society has already waned. You have to take pre-emptive measures to combat crime in the society.

The victims

This is a bad blow on the retailing industry. The shop lifters do not mind what store they victimized as long as the items taken are of great value. Whether you are in the clothing business, packaging business or retailing of gadgets and equipments, you are not spared from thievery.

According to Helen Dickinson, the director general of BRC, the crime related to retail theft last year was the highest in a decade. The statistics tells businessmen that stores became the apparent target of organized and sophisticated gangs.

Alarming numbers

More than 80 percent of retail crime is attributed to shoplifting. The average value of products stolen rose to 241 pounds from 177 pounds. This is a 36 percent rise in the cost of the goods stolen by customers. In the past seven years, the average was only 20 percent.

On the other hand, theft committed by an employee is 6 percent of the figure. Fraud in retailing went up by 12 percent.

Items frequently targeted

The retailing industry spokesperson reported that items frequently stolen were expensive electrical items, trendy clothing, cosmetics, power tools and alcohol.

How to avoid retail crime in your store

Perhaps one of the best ways to minimize shop lifting is to get your business online. This way, you are secured that the items on display will in no way be taken physically. However, you also need to consider the fraudulent people lurking on the online world. You could also hire more security personnel and improve your security systems.