Remodeling The Kitchen On A Shoestring Budget

According to real estate experts, remodeling the kitchen is guaranteed to increase the resale value of the home. However, if you do not have the money to spend, visual appeal can be enhanced by using wall decor like canvas art that t is both affordable and simple. Homeowners do not have to go overboard; they can keep it simple and cost effective.

Cedric Stewart, team leader of Washington DC-based Entourage RC said property owners who want to sell their homes must not spend more than 10% of their home’s value on a kitchen remodel. Homebuyers usually get excited when they see brand new kitchen appliances and furniture but it might be difficult to recoup the investment. Sellers could simply de-clutter to create a clean, modern, functional and organized kitchen.

To help sell the home faster, enhance visual appeal and create a good impression among home buyers. For example, kitchen backsplash will not cost the homeowner a fortune but it can easily create an ambiance of class and elegance. Glass splashbacks that complement the color scheme of the kitchen can easily create the “Wow” factor that will be irresistible to home buyers.

Wall décor like canvas art works well in the living room and kitchen. To ensure a more personalized style, choose the design and style that matches well with your kitchen. You can also transform one of your more favorite photos intosplit panel canvas art. The size remains the same because the art piece will only be divided into several panels.

Instead of buying new kitchen appliances, why not try enhancing little details like built-in wine racks, Lazy Susan’s, soft closed drawers, pot fillers, pot racks, USB speakers and built-in speakers? Investment on new cabinets may not be recouped but you can change cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. It is relatively easy to find the stuff in hardware stores.

One of the ways to make a big statement in the home is through a big canvas art that can be the focal point in a room. Choose the photograph carefully so that it can set the tone on any room whether the kitchen, bedroom or living room.