Prosecutor Sees Similarities Between Rouge Rehabs In Two States

Tony Rackauckas, the district attorney of Orange County, formed a task force which will manage the abuse complaints relating to the anti-addiction sector in what is tagged to be the Rehab Riviera. There is no denying that there is a sudden increase in the number of treatment centers in the area including Los Angeles luxury rehab with aim of helping addicts into achieving sobriety.

Two years ago, Dave Aronberg who is the state attorney of Palm Beach County made the same call by forming the same type of task force. Ever since the task force was launched, officials of Palm Beach County have already conducted 44 arrests relating to the rehab sector. It also resulted to the closing of many rogue rehabs within the state but they ended up opening shops in Southern California.

Aronberg is now treated as a national expert when it comes to the rehab crisis that is plaguing the region. When asked regarding the status of the drug rehab facilities located in South Florida and its impact in Orange Country, he said that many young individuals are currently coming to South Florida in order to enroll in their rehab facilities. The sad fact is that many of them are leaving the centers inside an ambulance or worst in a body bag.

Around 75 per cent of patients enrolled in private rehab facilities in Florida are not locals but from other states. He added that they have devoted two years into investigating and arresting fraud facilities in the rehab industry. Many of these rogue facilities are moving to states with warmer weather such as Orange County.

According to him, one aspect that is needed to be addressed in their home turf is the sober living homes which have to be regulated by the states. The problem is that the states are not willing to make it mandatory that sober living homes should be certified and subject to inspections.

He added that Southern California should imposed sensible laws in the whole state to protect legal facilities such as Los Angeles luxury rehab and to avoid what happened in Florida.