Partners In Crime Left Jail After Forging Legal Papers

Recorded in history are two individuals who are known to fake government documents as well as scam other people – Mohammed Lukman Shaikh and Bashir Mulla. The two used their talent in order to get a bail from the court of Thane last month. Shaikh is 48 years old while Mulla is 62 years old. The duo were able to fool the staff working on the court by getting bail with the use of forged documents that are signed by cops as well as guarantors that does not even exist. It is also a suspicion that the lawyer who was with the two is also another impostor.

The partners in crime were apprehended by the Srinagar police after they have been caught making forged passports as well as other legal government papers. It is also made sure during the court hearing that the police should check again all the documents that were submitted by the two individuals for the trial because they are known to fabricate documents and food the authorities. The suspicion of the court was spot on.

Based on a statement from the police in Thane, they were not able to track the duo. The two suspects were released after submitting bail last month but it was only a few days ago that the forgery was detected. Vijay Sanap, the constable that is working alongside the Srinagar police station located in Thane, was the one who alerted the authorities of the forgery.

Sanap was assigned at the Thane Sessions Court where he is tasked to keep a record of all the cases. He said that he needs to keep in check all the records of the suspects that are given bail. He also has to verify all the witnesses as well as keep a record of all the dates when the case was filed. He revealed that he knows that the two suspects were issued a bail order but was not released because the guarantor’s identity is yet to be verified. A process is done in order to verify the witness and this is the only time the suspects can be released. The bail hearing was conducted last July 20. It was only recently that he was papers stating the release of the two when the verification was not even done yet and it was found out the no release order was given by the police. They are also not aware that the suspects have been released. Forgery is common thus document collection
by a professional process server is important.