Online Startup Companies Of 2017

For 2017, Thailand has seen an increase in its startup companies because more companies are levelling up when it comes to funding. It began in 2012 when the nation saw I rise of 2,000 per cent in terms of startups that have been given full funding. These startupsare developed inside a meeting room in Bangkok where the concept and execution was planned carefully.

The major technologies that were utilized by these tech startups to create their own applications include AI or artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning. For this year, many trending technologies have affected all industries such as blockchain, consumer mobile payments, behaviour analytics and cloud adoption. The impact is highest with industries involving marketing and finances.

For the first six months, there is about $80 million worth of investment for local technology startup companies compared to last year wherein the country has only seen $86 million within 12 months. The top winners for investment magnet are platforms used in online payment. Here are the top starup companies of 2017:

  • This startup specializes in online payment and is one of the most successful in the country. The company was able to get an initial coin offering or ICO worth $25 million for 2017. ICO is a form of kickstarter crowdfunding program more common in blockchain groups in order for decentralised projects to be funded and scaled.
  • This was launched in 2012 by Amarit along with CharleCharoenphan, his brother. This is a marketplace where people can collaborate with their ideas. This is the very first co-working space in Thailand and currently has three locations all over Bangkok. As of writing, it has over 20,000 members as well as alumni.
  • This is a search engine developed for shoppers and a platform for comparing prices. The application has an online database of more than 10 million products where users can compare products’ prices in just a matter of seconds.

It is expected that more startups will be launching in 2018 as entrepreneurs discuss in meeting room in Bangkok their new ideas and act on it to be the next big thing.