One Quarter Of Telstra Workforce To Lose Their Jobs

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Meanwhile, there is bad news for the workforce of Australia. Andy Penn, the chief executive of Telstra has announced a far-reaching plan to cut costs. This includes reduction of 8,000 jobs from the workforce or about ¼ of the total headcount. Two to 4 layers of middle management will also be eliminated. The new strategy called Telstra 2022 will increase cost-cutting target from $1 billion to $2.5 billion over the next 4 years.

According to union officials, Telstra’s latest announcement is one of the biggest job cuts in the Australian corporate history. Job purges today are the low point of 20 years of privatization that has consistently taken to cutting jobs instead of investing in vital community infrastructure. Union officials are calling on Telstra to retract their drastic action. Even Prime Minister Turnbull called the job losses as heartbreaking.

Telstra has been struggling because of the increased pressure in the mobile industry and the thinner than expected margins under NBN. Mr. Penn is under pressure to revive the ailingcompany but the rate of changes in the industry is increasingly being driven by technological innovations and competition.

Everybody has worked hard to prepare Telstra for the challenges in the mobile market but the company is at tipping point and must act boldly if it wants to stay as the leading telecommunications company in Australia. The initial plan was to reduce the executive and management positions to minimize the impact on the customer-facing teams. However, 1500 new roles will created in software engineering and information and cyber-security.

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