OLED Signage From LG Targets High-End Commercial Businesses

In a recent launch of the OLED signage product designed for commercial use, LG which is one of the biggest consumer electronic manufacturers in Korean decided to shift their focus from the home entertainment application of their large screens OLED televisions in Taiwan.

During the press conference which was held at LG’s office located in Taipei, Taiwan, the company was able to debut its new product range consisting of OLED signage as well as displays which are designed for commercial use.

It can be remembered that back in June of 2016, the company’s strategy was to mass produce consumer electronic products where their target customers are families with high income and are willing to purchase a television set worth US $2542.59 or NT $80,000. LG now embraces a new strategy which is to offer a new range of products consisting of OLED panels and displays and these will be available only in a project basis.

According to the manager of the B2B team in Taipei, Taiwan’s LG Electronics, Bruce Kang, the goal of the new OLED signages is not to catch huge market sales and pricing is also not the highest priority. The premium line of the products will be available for commercial use.

What makes is different from the other big TV brands in the market is that LG prioritizes its latest business model of the B2B OLED screen as well as the new OLED screens which will be used for applications that are project-based only.

The company is already meeting with a number of potential clients and they are trying to get luxury brands that are operating in the fashion industry including Coach and Louis Vuitton, metro stations in Taiwan and airports.

Kang also added that their focus will mainly be all about customization and applications that are project-based. The displays can be ordered custom made in order to blend well with the architectural structure of the building. The degree of the OLED display’s curvature will depend in one major factor which is the architectural structure.

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