Nationwide Termite Infestations Causing More Harm Than Natural And Man-Made Disasters

State authorities in Australia are now reporting that termite infestations are causing more damage to Australian homes than floods, earthquakes, storms and fires combined. This is a very serious allegation since natural disasters have been the cause for most of the loss of human life and wreak heavy destruction when they are present. Termites on the other hand operate slowly but whittle away the wood used to build houses with great voracity. This is a perfect example of the saying,” Slow and steady wins the race”. This is also the perfect time for companies specializing in termite inspections in Sydney to take charge and rid the city of these pests.

This statement provided by state authorities has prompted the entire country to take serious action, and calls have been made for a nationwide program to combat these termites. The director for Archicentre Australia, Peter Georgiev also says that all zones and house must be declared termite safe by appropriate government officials. He says that termites don’t care about man-made boundaries and will just eat whatever they can find. He further states that in the country of Australia, only the islands like Tasmania may be safe from the infestation. This is a direct implication that termites are present across the entire contiguous landmass from Perth to Sydney.

Mr Georgiev also states that the nation-wide plan that has been put into action must include strict restrictions for what is determined termite-safe and what isn’t. Sites where construction is set to take place must be made termite free by making appropriate termite inspections in Sydney and that houses that have already been built need to be checked thoroughly before declaring them termite-safe. This checking must include both an above-ground testing of the wood used to construct the house, and an underground check for termites. Currently though, efforts at curbing termite infestations varies from state to state. A generalized and regulated mechanism will soon come into place however to regularise checks against termites. For example, in Victoria, the city council pre-emptively dictates which areas are termite-safe and which aren’t but the matter lies solely in the hands of the people who buy or rent out the place to check for themselves whether a termite infestation is present or not.