Money-Saving Tips For Chinese New Year Accommodation In Bangkok

One of the most visited celebrations in Thailand is its Chinese New Year which will happen on February 16, this year. If you want to witness the festivities and how Thais celebrate their New Year, look for a Chinese New Year accommodation in Bangkok where you can stay comfortably during the holiday. Because of the occasion, there would be an increase demand for hotels and some of their rates may go up. However, the price increase should not deter you from visiting the place especially when you can find ways to reduce your expenses.  Here are some tips.

Book in advance

Due to the occasion, a lot of tourists and even locals would book for an accommodation in hotels and you don’t want to run out of choices. Thus, book in advance or at least 30 days prior to your arrival. Aside from the guarantee that you will have a room for the holiday, you can also get huge discounts since most hotels offer discounts to early booking. Last minute booking or on the spot booking are generally more expensive than advance bookings.

Choose packages

You can also lower your expenses for the Chinese New Year accommodation in Bangkok by choosing packages instead of individual services. You can find bundled packages when you book for flights or when you book for hotel accommodation. You might also want to check from your local travel agencies for cost-effective packages. With bundles, you get automatic discounts and you only have to pay once for a number of services that you require.

Look deals and promos

Another way to save your budget on Chinese New Year accommodation in Bangkok is to check for deals and promos offered by the hotel of your choice. Hotels also offer bundled services and discounted meals or drinks. Click the promos or deals tab at the official website of the hotel to see what’s in store for you. You can also save money on hotels that offer complimentary services such as breakfast, internet connection and airport transfers, among others. Always check for the inclusions of the rates to get more value for your money.