Mom With 5 Months Of Sobriety Dies After 1 Day Of Relapse

Kim Shirley was an ex-hairdresser who was addicted to heroin. She attended rehab and seemed to be fine for a period of 5 months. But she took a wrong turn one night, and ended up with her old mates from her addiction days. A day into relapse, she was found dead in a friend’s bathroom.

A mother of four and an ex-hairdresser, she became addicted to heroin. But she overcame her fears of rehab and attended it with a positive outlook. She even took steps to ensure that she stayed proper by keeping a rehab diary. Diaries have been used by many to keep track of what they have done from a certain time to another, but they also come in handy to keep track of yourself and your whereabouts. By maintaining a diary for rehab, it would also serve as motivation as she increased the number of days of sobriety.  She started this after she went to arguably the best rehab center for her, Priory in Darlington.

She also chose other methods to keep herself on track. She took to Twitter and Facebook to post inspirational messages of her road to sobriety. This allowed her to maintain a proper structure to her rehabilitation and also served to boost her self-esteem if she had lost some. After her initial rehab sessions at Priory, the best rehab center for alcohol in the UK, she then maintained her habit and kept going to the rehab center for the next five months. During this period she would post about landmarks and milestones of her sobriety. She started with a “10 days dry” message, and then continued for every 10 days she stayed dry. But like everything else in this world, habits change and she soon started to lose this habit. This did not necessarily mean that she got back to her ways. She actually went to a few schools to share her stories of addiction and how she overcame them, leaving some people on Facebook touched. But even after all her efforts, she had bumped into her old friends one day in May and after a heavy overdose of alcohol and drugs, she lost control and died.