Modern Day Superwoman Is A Plumber, Surveyor And Hat Designer

Mel Corbett can be considered an expert at multitasking, working as a surveyor, designer and plumber. The 47-year old Worsthorne native first trained as a quantity surveyor but had experienced second thoughts.

She says that wearing a suit, ironing blouses and brick counting is not the life for her. Since then she embarked on many ventures that would also lead her to the plumbing industry as well as the world of hat designing.

At a young age, she was trained by her mother at sewing and at age 10 Mel had already been making skirts and selling them to her peers at school. Working at a local pub, she did not even consider the thought of entering the designing industry. But the opportunity went knocking at her door when Nottingham Triumph Spitfire Club was to attend a rally in Germany.

The group had wanted them to recognize each other at the pubs so they asked Mel to design T-shirts for them but Mel had other ideas of her own. With the tartan travel rugs that her mother gave her before college, she was able to design and create deerstalker hats and the group immediately had taken a liking to it. In fact, they immediately asked her to create some more for them to sell and through one of their member; Mel was able to start her “Off My Head” designer hat business.

Since then, her hat business has grown tremendously over the years with many opportunities opening up. Unfortunately, in 2007, many shops were bankrupt and Mel had to say goodbye to that business and move back to the North. There, she would find a career in plumbing.

A friend who was also a plumber told her to retrain as a female plumber. The demand for female plumbers had grown rapidly because many elderly people would trust a woman more than a man since they are afraid of getting robbed and assaulted.

She then realized that people need plumbers more than they need hats. She grabbed the opportunity and became a plumber. Mel would take care of the plumbing systems of various people as well as answering the call for emergency plumbers when they are needed.

Mel had taken a great liking to the job and even though her hat business had once again resurfaced, she isn’t planning on giving up the plumbing business just yet. Truly, this business-minded superwoman is one of a kind.