Make Sure You Made The Right Choice Before Signing The Commercial Cleaning Service Contract

Among the many commercial cleaning companies in Australia, it is absolutely necessary that you have already considered vital factors before making the choice. Choosing the wrong company may lead to undesirable events, as they usually deliver the service and clean during “off hours”. An integral part of the selection process is that the company should be credible and trusted.

The service

The appearance of your office is a vital aspect of your presence in the market. When clients drop by, you want to give the impression that your business is able to deliver efficiency. Reputed companies specializing in office cleaning in Sydney have a variety of services offered to cater different needs, both small and big offices. It is necessary to have them do an ocular visit so they can give appropriate advice. It is not the same for everyone, some offices have carpets and some do not, therefore those who do not need not avail of carpet cleaning services. Another area of concern is the fact that the professional cleaners will be on the property during non-business hours, so it is necessary to set boundaries and prior arrangements to make sure they do not damage expensive equipment or have access to sensitive trade information. Specify in the contract which objects or rooms should not be handled or tampered with. Also, make sure that your declaration of property inventory is very elaborate, so any loss or theft can be covered by the insurance.

Insurance policies

Granted that most professional office cleaning in Sydney are reliable, you must also look at how elaborate their insurance coverage is. There should be coverage for medical cost and aftercare on occupational injuries in case of accidents at work and property insurance for loss or damage to property in the duration of the cleaning service.

Environmental concerns

Many cleaning companies offer nature-friendly alternatives to cleaning products using harmful chemicals. This can significantly decrease any health hazard that may be acquired from chemicals. It would be best to proactively inquire for “green” alternatives. There may be a difference in pricing and outcome of the service so it is still your prerogative if going “green” is favorable to your business.