Luxury Hotels In Thailand With Poolside Dining In Sukhumvit

In Thailand, you’ll find some of the world’s most amazing cities. The country is rich in attractive tourist spots and spectacular beaches that has made it one of the world’s holiday destination. Because of that, you will find many luxurious hotels here. The hotels are decorated with the best and distinctive landscapes, making it really popular. So while you have a thriving beach resort in Chiang Mai, you find luxury hotels by the riverside of Chao Phraya. Find out which hotel properties are most common to leisure vacationers. The poolside dining in Sukhumvit can also be something of interest.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

You will want to book in this hotel if you visit Thailand. It has around 400 rooms where you can enjoy a holiday here. You get stunning views of the Chao Phraya River from the floor to ceiling windows in the rooms. There is a long list of restaurants to try out with its local Thai and international cuisines for your famished stomach. There is also the poolside and the spa to try for a whole lot more for guests. This makes the hotel truly popular among travellers.

The Peninsula Bangkok

This is the most urbanized luxury hotel in Thailand. Only the rich or those traveling premium class on flights can afford the Peninsula. You are actually looking for the best accommodation when you are in this hotel in Bangkok. It has more than 350 rooms, exposing marvellous interiors, complemented with silk-covered furniture and marble bathrooms. You’ll surely spend an extravagant holiday once you step into this fabulous hotel. You can also reach the hotel on board a short helicopter flight from the country’s major airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport. The poolside dining in Sukhumvit is also something interesting to try.

Four Seasons Resort, Chiang Mai

This luxury hotel has very few competitors aside from the scenic beauty of its place. As recommended by friends and relatives, you’ll be drawn to this amazing hotel because of its natural spectacles. After taking a long flight to this holiday destination, you can relax and be comfortable as you enter your room. Four Seasons is situated 25 kilometres from the Chiang Mai International Airport, which is the major gateway to North Thailand. It caters to many flights every single day.