Leeds Receives 17.5 Million Pounds For Skills Service

Leeds, West Yorkshire – The government’s Employer Ownership Pilot funded a 17.5 million pound project for skills service training for the local businesses in Leeds. This was made possible through the efforts of Leeds city Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The main goal for the fundraising in the region is to give monetary amount to small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in the LEP’s main business sectors. The fund raised will help them grow and operate their business by finding the right people with the right skills set. The pronouncement from LEP was done after Leeds City Region received an additional 54.6 million pound from the government’s program which supports the growth of local individuals’ skills, businesses, innovative enterprises and housing developments.

What VIPs say

The Chairman of Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, Roger Marsh, expressed his elation that LEP has once again succeeded to secure funding for Leeds. This is an important breakthrough for the city in that it will greatly improve the competitiveness of the diverse businesses in the city region. Through the funding, growth is perceived. The funding also proves the confidence that the government has for the inhabitants, leaders and entrepreneurs in the City Region. The achievements of the region are given due recognition by the government which creates better jobs for the people residing in the area.

Mark Ridgway, a board member of LEP expressed his delight for another milestone of Leeds. Through the skills service trainings and programs, the small and medium sized enterprises will grow their businesses with the advanced skills and talents of their companies. He is also happy that the government continually heeds the need for the business industry growth in Leeds.

The chief executive lead on employment and skills of LEP, Joanne Roney, said in a statement that one of LEP’s primary goals is to address the deficit of skills in Leeds. This has been a priority for the organization and the news of funding from the government really helped in achieving this mission.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, also underscored that Leeds has a diverse community with varied business establishments. The support in growth is very essential to sustain the thriving businesses in Leeds.