Larsen Jewelry Offering Melbourne Engagement Rings Gives Back

It can mean a significant purchase in a lifetime when you get to buy an engagement ring. It is considered a luxury item, which for many, is the most expensive buy one can ever make. It is such as not everyone gets a chance to afford Melbourne engagement rings; however, if engaged couples really want them, they may need to save long enough to afford one.

This is probably a reason why Larsen Jewelry is in the position to offer various types of Melbourne engagements rings for you to buy. The engagement rings they offer can make a single fiancéextra special as he gives it to the woman he loves dearly. With Larsen, even a regular guy in Melbourne can afford the rings on display.

The conceptualization of Larsen Jewelry all began in 2006. Its aim was to create a family-owned business with strong values at its core. It created initiatives that meant to attain a positive impact and moldthe environment that all its staff are proud to partake.

Larsen Jewelry has spent more than ten years of working hard simply to organize a great team and strong reputation. It continues to be sustainable to stay long in the jewelrybusiness. Since 2015, they have proudly set out towards their next step of the journey. They have committed to donating a minimum of 10% of their profits to recognized charitable organizations.

One prosperous initiative they have developed is donating customized Melbourne engagement rings to charity raffles and auctions. They have carefully partneredthemselves with reputable charities, like the Cambodian Children’s Foundation and Fred Hollows Foundation, to raise an unequalled sum of money by donating one-of-a-kind pieces offered in auction. The pieces are offered more than the actual retail price so charities can possibly help more people in Melbourne.

One of the most gratifying part of their job is to bring together all their teams from Melbourne and Sydney to design wonderful pieces that exhibit their proficiency. They take pride that they have innovated unique and beautiful Melbourne engagement rings made from the finest materials and maintained at the highest standards.