India’s SYSKA Launches Lights That Work With Amazon Alexa

With technology advancing as it is, smart homes are being seen as the next big thing for homeowners across the world. Major companies like Amazon and Google are now developing and releasing smart home products, like virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

In response to that, New Delhi’s SYSKA LED have released a new range of LED products, including strip LED lights, which utilize the house’s Wi-Fi, allowing for Amazon Alexa and Echo to control them. A statement from the company says that these new smart home products have done much to make creating a smart home simpler and easier than ever before.

Part of that statement explains that their new products allow people to control their lights with their voice. These new range of LED lights, including bulbs, spotlights and strip LED lights, can sync up with the Amazon Echo product range (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus), and, once done, can now be controlled by the voice commands given by the homeowner. Routines can also be set up through Alexa, tied through certain phrases that the user can set up, and these new home lights from SYSKA can respond to these commands, allowing for voice control of house lights.

The SYSKA Group’s Executive Director, GurumukhUttamchandani, says that the company wants to make sure that the smart lighting solutions their customers can get are not only energy efficient, but also up to date with the latest technological developments. He says thatthe SYSKA Smart Home app can be used by homeowners in order to control their home strip LED lights, which can include setting up moods for their homes in accordance to their needs. Thanks to being able to connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network, people can control their lights via their computers, smartphones or tablets.

SYSKA LED offers LED lights in a variety of forms, including bulbs, ceiling lights, emergency lights, electrical accessories, strip lights and spotlights, among others, with a variety of measurements, and extensive colour control, with a massive spectrum of colours. Notably, SYSKA LED has a rich history in India, even being one of the big companies that branded the country’s Metro railways.