Improve Indoor Air Quality Through Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets bring advantages to a home particularly in terms of aesthetics but spills can cause stains and foot traffic can take its toll. Regular vacuuming removes dirt and grit but it cannot remove stains and odor. Professional carpet cleaning is suggested at least once a year to ensure that the home is free from airborne contaminants that usually cause health problems.

According to environmental studies, the quality of air indoors is 100 times worse than outdoor air. Breathing air that is contaminated can be significantly harmful for babies, the elderly and people with respiratory problems and allergies.

There are different technologies used in carpet cleaning and one of them is steam cleaning to get rid of harmful allergens and toxins. Steam cleaning has become a more popular alternative to the traditional shampooing procedure. In steam cleaning, a deeper treatment is performed to remove dirt, pet hair, dust mites and other debris that have worked their way down into the carpet fibers.

Other carpet cleaning technologies make use of chemicals so that the surface of the carpet will brighten but is usually brings a negative impact on the family because of the chemical residues. Steam cleaning makes sure that the use of chemicals in cleaning process is minimized so that indoor air will not be contaminated.

If regular vacuuming is combined with professional steam cleaning, indoor air quality can be improved because contaminants will be removed. In the steam cleaning process, hot water extraction is used to remove grime and allergens after which the carpet is rinsed with purified water to ensure that is remains soft and free from any residue.

Most carpet manufacturers like Shaw Industries recommend the hot water extraction method. A quick dry process is used with more hot water which is relatively more effective for soiled and stained areas. Water is extracted more thoroughly compared to standard methods. It is important to ensure that the carpet dries within 24 hours so that mold and mildew growth on the carpet and padding can be prevented. Professional carpet cleaning will ensure that the floor underneath the carpet and padding will not be damaged by moisture.