HR Management System Used By Panasonic Malaysio Now On Cloud

Brick and mortar companies are used to a traditional model when it comes to client server but we now enters an era where in cloud based solutions are available for businesses. One of the proofs is that Panasonic group of companies based in Malaysia have now signed into a contract with Ramco Systems Sdn Bhd. The deal is worth multi-million in ringgit. This is an attempt to improve the human resources management of the company through the use of digital technology.

According to the managing director of Panasonic Management Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Cheng Chee Chung, the company came to a realization that they now need a system wherein the platform is unified. He also shared during a media briefing last week that they are excited about the collaboration that they have signed into in order to improve the current human resource management system of the company. Before the media briefing, the two companies came together for a signing ceremony to seal their partnership.

He also revealed that the operations of Panasonic in Malaysia is now expanding thus their human resources would be a lot harder to manage than before as well as the talent under the company will be growing multiple times. The company aims to be the first when it comes to using the latest technology in order to have a centralized HR as well as a payroll system. As of writing, Panasonic has already 21 systems for HR and payroll that is used in its 21 corporate entities that are located all over Malaysia.

Ramco will be able to provide a suite that covers human capital management through cloud hosting. It will include talent management, planning and analytics, HR, payroll, time and attendance and will eventually transform the entire HR strategy of Panasonic.

Hiroyuki Imizu, Panasonic Management Malaysia’s deputy managing director, explained why the current HR and payroll management system of Panasonic has been upgraded. The company now has different systems for human resources and payroll and it is better if the system is integrated into one which is easier to manage.