How To Ensure That Boiler Repairs Will Not Deliver A Tough Blow To Your Finances

According to a new research, an average of £270 is paid by a household in UK every time there is boiler repair although some households reported that they paid more than £1,250. Last year, 18% had experienced a boiler breakdown meaning that the collective amount of payments made for fixing the boiler is £787 million. In most cases, homeowners rely on the savings to get their boiler fixed while 13% resort to payday loans or use their credit cards.

According to Emma Bush, an energy expert from uSwitch, many homeowners take their boilers for granted and when something goes wrong, it becomes too expensive to fix. With consumer facing energy price increases in the coming months, a boiler repair that costs about a thousand pounds can deliver a hard blow to their finances. Several of the Big Six energy providers have already announced a future price hike in the cost of energy.

Boiler insurance is a good option to ensure that you will not suffer from an unplanned expense; however, before you take boiler insurance, try to find out if the home insurance policy covers boiler breakdowns and repairs. Even if the boiler is not automatically covered, any damages to the home caused by boiler leaks will be covered. It is also worth talking to your insurance provider whether they allow add-on boiler cover.

Boiler cover usually costs about £5 a month and covers boiler repairs. Some policies only pay for repair bills while others will replace the boiler which is very handy if you do not have the money for a new one. However, boiler cover has limits based on the condition and age of your boiler.

Before you resort to boiler cover, ask an expert boiler engineer to assess the condition of your boiler because you might not actually need it. If the boiler is regularly inspected and maintained, there are very little chances for it to breakdown. Qualified and accredited heating engineers are available through for boiler and heating emergencies. They can also provide annual inspection and preventive maintenance on your boiler to ensure that you will experience a comfortable and warm winter.