How To Choose A Luxury Residence In Bangkok

You can easily find a luxury residence in Bangkok if you are planning to stay in the area for extended period. Finding an accommodation would not be a problem, what will challenge you is finding a hotel that suits your budget and will meet your expectation. Here are some things to look for when choosing a hotel where you will stay longer.

Exciting amenities

One of the things that will make your stay at the luxury residence more enjoyable and comfortable are the amenities found therein. The hotel should have complimentary wireless internet connection along with flat screen TV so you would stay connected to the outside world even if you are enjoying your holiday or your long stay. There should also be a minibar, a dining table, rain shower, bathtub and other comforts that you would normally find at home.

Ideal location

Pick a luxury residence in Bangkok with excellent location or one that is located at the centre of the metropolis where you can easily get to a transportation hub or access a shopping mall when you need to buy some supplies. The exclusive residences should also be a stone’s throw away to posh restaurants, entertainment centres and even tourist spots.

Affordable rates

With all the comforts and convenience you can get from a luxury residence, the accommodation should not be ridiculously expensive. You can ask for quotes from at least three hotels for price and perks comparison. Another option is to check for discounts and promos that the hotel offers. This is an excellent way to reduce your expenses. If you can ask for free upgrades, it would also increase the overall value of your stay at the hotel.

Positive reviews

To ensure that you will have a comfortable stay at the luxury residence in Bangkok, read testimonials and customer feedback found at the hotel’s website. You can also find reviews from third party sites or independent review sites that provide ratings and testimonials of actual customers on certain hotels that they have booked into. This will help you decide where you are going to book your stay in Bangkok.